on the morning of may 15, 2024, a delegation led by guo yanling, dean of the school of foreign languages and international education at dalian ocean university, cui yongguang, vice dean, wang qian, dean of the graduate school, and cang weiwei, deputy director of the english teaching and research office, visited dalian haosen. hr heads from haosen attended the reception, and both sides conducted in-depth exchanges on student internships & employment, cooperation on projects, talent cultivation, and teaching research & development, etc..

during the exchange meeting, guo introduced the basic situation of the school, including its overview, major settings, faculty, innovation and entrepreneurship, scientific research, and social services. she also pointed out a three-step plan for future cooperation from preliminary to in-depth:

1、sign a contract and put on a formal nameplate, conducting campus lectures and recruitment;

2、cultivate orders for talents, establishing internship bases;

3、collaborate in compiling teaching materials, co-creating scientific research achievements.

dean guo also pointed out that in the new era, it is necessary to conduct more research in enterprises and listen to suggestions and opinions on how to cultivate talents that meet social needs, improve teaching systems such as curriculum & practice, and enhance the quality of talent cultivation. the senior management manager exchanged ideas on the company's characteristic project cooperation, focusing on introducing the company's overview, job requirements, career development, etc., and put forward suggestions on deepening school-enterprise cooperation and optimizing talent training models.

finally, the two parties exchanged contact information, arranged for the signing of subsequent framework cooperation agreements, and pushed the atmosphere to a climax. the integration of production and education leads the deep cooperation between schools and enterprises, explores the demonstration mechanism of talent cultivation under school-enterprise system, and creates a new style of school-enterprise co construction characteristic brand.


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