fuel cell engine production line-pg电子旗舰站

fuel cell engine production line-pg电子旗舰站

demonstration product: hydrogen fuel cell system engine production line

product info: the product includes stack loading, end plate sub-assembly, pipeline sub-assembly, air compressor assembly, circulation pump assembly, pipe & system wire harness assembly, accessory assembly, air leakage test, electrical test etc. process to complete engine components assembly and production.

project composition: stack loading tool,  sub-assembly table,  air leakage test,  electrical performance test

technology highlights

  • transport the part

    through scheduled agv,

    standard station configuration

    meeting ergonomics to install

    system engine accessory 

    assembly rationality is

    ensured by process strategy

    of sub-assembly first and

    then main assembly 

  • high quality and 

    consistency of system engine assembly are ensured through tightening technology, data management technology, air leakage test, and electrical test technology etc.