at transmission assembly line-pg电子旗舰站

at transmission assembly line-pg电子旗舰站

demonstration product: at transmission assembly line

product info: this at transmission assembly line includes component pre-assembly, part sub-assembly line, main assembly line and test line, to complete critical process including press, tightening, measurement, air leakage test, torque check and engagement, and realize at transmission assembly production from component to complete unit.

project composition: 7 sub-assembly lines, 1 main assembly line, 1 test line, and 1 pre-assembly area, 254 stations in total, with 181 auto & semi-auto stations, and 73 manual stations, as well as intelligent communication and mes data management system 

technology highlights

  • quality control: key dimension control, sub-assembly performance control, assembly process control, cleanliness level control 

  • auto assembly: transmission housing

    auto flexible assembly

    unit, robot assembly,

    auto feeding unit 

  • intelligent assembly technology: auto reading, storage, analysis of quality data, vision fuzzy gripping, intelligent transmission housing engagement, intelligent hydraulic torque converter assembly

  • flexible assembly:  robot tightening, camera check, dust cleaning, press displacement

  • hybrid assembly

  • environmental protection technology