stator production line-pg电子旗舰站

stator production line-pg电子旗舰站

demonstration product:  hairpin stator and rotor automation production line 

project composition: stator paper insertion, forming, wire insertion, crimping, widening, terminal twisting, terminal flush, terminal welding, busbar welding, electrical test, conveyor for transportation among stations etc. , robot to transfer parts among stations and its supporting infrastructure

technology highlights

  • line forming adopts continuous feeding to shorten cycle time of forming

  • the production

    line adopt 2d and rfid combined process data collection and mes system management mode

  • intelligence  

    robot transfer, intelligent identification system for whole process monitor and identification to separate unqualified products for data analysis

  • automation 

    operators only for loading and unloading

  • flexibility 

    function modularized structure design, to realize fast replacement of tooling, quick adapt to variants