automotive and battery industry laser equipment-pg电子旗舰站

automotive and battery industry laser equipment-pg电子旗舰站

demonstration product: battery cell top cover auto welding system

product info: adopts full automation design, with tunable laser beam mode system and ccd detection system, and realize the automatic up-down material, on the cover, into the shell, the ccd detection, range, spot welding, high-speed sealing welding materials, intelligent sorting, etc. the whole process, with excellent laser welding technology, to achieve less spatter, welding speed, high stability and good effect, is suitable for used in power battery shell seal welding welding (top)

project composition: automatic loading and unloading system, laser beam mode adjustable system, ccd detection system, high precision welding control system, dust cleaning system

technology highlights

  • welding speed


  • processing repeated positioning accuracy


  • laser beam mode adjustable technology

  • high precision welding control technology