recognition of our strength | haosen honorably awarded vremt 2023 "outstanding technological cooperation prize"-pg电子旗舰站

recognition of our strength | haosen honorably awarded vremt 2023 "outstanding technological cooperation prize"-pg电子旗舰站

on march 11th, vremt 2023 supplier conference was successfully held at hangzhou international expo center (the main venue of the g20 hangzhou summit). the theme of the conference is "gather strength to climb the peak", with over 600 new energy suppliers and nearly a thousand representatives from all over the world attending. at the conference, haosen, as an important partner of vremt, won the 2023 "outstanding technological cooperation prize" with advanced technology and strong product development capabilities.

vremt is a subsidiary of geely, focusing on the 3-electric fields of nev. it specializes in the r&d, manufacturing, sales, and after-sales service of nev power batteries, e-drive systems, charging systems, and energy storage systems. in 2023, haosen and vremt collaborated in the field of drive motors to provide an intelligent x-pin stator mass production line at its quzhou jidian 3-electric intelligent manufacturing factory.

in order to successfully mass-produce the new generation of x-pin products, haosen has demonstrated extremely high technical capability and r&d advantages, breaking through a series of key and difficult issues such as pin-forming accuracy, wire-cutting tool compatibility, twisting effect, welding quality, etc., and promoting the smooth progress of the project, which has been recently delivered to the customer's factory.

the strong technical strength comes from haosen's profound accumulation over the years and continuous innovation in the integration of knowledge and action. haosen's intelligent manufacturing solution for flat wire motors includes stator, rotor, marriage assembly, x-in-1 e-drive production line and testing equipment, covering various production and manufacturing scenarios for flat wire motors. the production line design is modularized, standardized, and platformized, helping partners improve product utilization efficiency and save costs. in order to gain a deeper understanding of the flat wire stator, haosen has established a drive motor process laboratory with full verification capabilities from raw material testing of the stator to the whole machine performance testing, and collaborates with customers to conduct new product development verification and prototyping.

in the future, haosen will continue to deeply understand customer needs, adhere to innovation and intelligent manufacturing, firmly commit to independent r&d, pursue ultimate quality, and work with vremt and more partners to fully leverage their respective strengths and jointly explore new opportunities and possibilities in the global nev field.


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