on january 19, the 2024 volvo car asia pacific supplier convention was held in sanya, hainan with the theme of “together we shape one global competitive, sustainable and resilient value chain enabling technology & innovation. for life.” the convention focused on how to improve the resilience and competitiveness of the industry supply chain, and thanks and awards to outstanding suppliers for their special contributions in 2023. relying on the long-term cooperation with volvo car and highly consistent with its sustainable development concept, haosen intelligent manufacturing won the “award for volvo car brand promotion” of the year and was invited to participate in the core supplier forum to share the cooperation and future development with volvo in 2023.

as an important partner in the development process of volvo car, haosen always actively cooperates with volvo car’s global power battery and electric drive business with profound technical service capabilities, and strictly implements volvo car’s supplier quality standards. haosen has enhanced its digital transformation capabilities, deepened the construction of digital platforms throughout the product life cycle, and worked together with the supply chain for synergetic development to contribute to volvo car’s long-term sustainability goals.

in addition to giving full play to the advantages of local suppliers, haosen set up new production and marketing bases overseas to meet the needs of volvo’s global footprint strategy, committed to building a more stable supply chain system for volvo car, and also provide support and service assurance for the future cooperation between the two parties in the international market.

in the future, haosen will work with volvo car to seize opportunities and meet challenges, based on the common goals of both sides, respond to customer needs agilely, provide stronger technical support and service assurance, and work together to open up a new era of win-win cooperation.


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