strike out in heavy armor and witness the legend | haosen honored with dongfeng cummins “excellent partner award ”-pg电子旗舰站

strike out in heavy armor and witness the legend | haosen honored with dongfeng cummins “excellent partner award ”-pg电子旗舰站

on dec.26th, themed as “strike out in heavy armor and witness the legend”, p5 acceptance ceremony cum launching ceremony of 1st qsm15 set was grandly held at dongfeng cummins high-horsepower plant. as the equipment supplier of qsm15 engine, haosen was invited to attend the ceremony and was honored with “excellent partner award” and “excellent supplier individual award”.

qsm15 engine is a new variant type assembled on the high-horsepower assembly line supplied by haosen in the west plant area. haosen applies key assembly technologies such as the technology of laser measurement on the oil seal unevenness, the screw pump quantitative technology, the technology of rgv induction power supply as well as other key assembling technologies; and meets the high customer demand on the equipment reliability and utilization rate; and further strengthens the leading position of haosen in the heavy duty diesel engine assembly field.

in view of the continuously increasing market demand on the high-horsepower engines, dongfeng cummins decided to build a high-horsepower engine assembly line. by virtue of excellent technological strength and rich delivery experiences, haosen successfully forged a high-horsepower engine assembly line which was covering all variants of the 5 major series with a capacity range from 10 -15 litres. in year 2023, at the right time when the market demand for 15-litre natural gas engine was soaring high, the assembly line by haosen started mass production just in time, and helped dongfeng cummins further improve on its productive competitiveness and market occupation rate, which also won the affirmation from the customer.  meanwhile, the endeavor of all project team members and especially the technical supports and project management from haosen were also highly praised by the customer.

the smooth launching of qsm15 is not only symbolizing for the complete launching of the 7 major variant platforms in dongfeng cummins high-horsepower plant, it is also further consolidating the partner relationship between the two parties of haosen and dongfeng cummins which are endeavoring as one. in the future, haosen will continue to uphold its business philosophy of “customer first” and“ excellence”, and provide products and services in better quality and higher efficiency to the customers all over the world.  


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