haosen awarded the title of “work different”2023 liaoning extraordinary employer-pg电子旗舰站

haosen awarded the title of “work different”2023 liaoning extraordinary employer-pg电子旗舰站

in 2023, haosen has explored and moved forward with more and more new partners, constantly expanding the boundaries of her business area. in the two-way rush between people and enterprises, haosen was pleased to welcome the good news of industry feedback——haosen stood out from many participating enterprises and continued to retain the title of “work different”2023 liaoning extraordinary employer awarded by liepin.

liepin "extraordinary employer" is a highly influential employer brand activity in the industry, advocating the concept of "work different" and advocating for iterative upgrading of organizational relationships with "people" at the core. through the extraordinary six sense model of security, fairness, growth, identification, pleasure, and value, the enterprise is comprehensively eva1uated.

how is the employer “extraordinary”?

focusing on people, haosen advocates "warm-feeling management" and insists on creating a people-oriented management culture and organizational atmosphere.

haosen provides employees with comprehensive welfare benefits. in our company, interpersonal relationships are simple and sincere, without any boundary between ages, seniorities, races, or genders. we consider every employee to be an equally important part. haosen maintains a focus on employees and emphasizes the connection to their families, establishing a mutual fund to provide assistance to employees and their families in difficult times.

haosen encourages employees to continuously grow. the school enrollments, incumbent employees and managers can all enjoy customized career development training. haosen has an internal learning platform that supports employee "on job training". there are clear channels for promotion and internal transfer, so that every employee can thrive in this living water.

at haosen, values and mission vision are our common pursuit. we believe that hard work pays off, and haosen also makes employees feel their value with material and spiritual incentives. in addition, haosen has a variety of cultural activities, hobby groups, and practices social welfare, allowing employees to enjoy spiritual pleasure in their spare time.

haosen is committed to providing employees with more sense of security, fairness, growth, identification, pleasure, and warmth, helping them realize their own value and significance. haosen will continue to focus on building a fertile ground for talent growth, and we look forward to collaborating with partners in various fields to continuously explore the possibilities of the future.


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