innovation leads breakthrough | haosen's 10 layer flat wire stator production line steadily enters mass production-pg电子旗舰站

innovation leads breakthrough | haosen's 10 layer flat wire stator production line steadily enters mass production-pg电子旗舰站

it takes several months from receiving the challenge of the order, to the first successful trial production, and then to stable ramp-up and mass production, haosen's 10-layer flat wire motor stator production line has realized the launch of qualified products for mass production of shunqu power 270 platform 10-layer flat wire motor. it is precisely this motor that serves as the drive motor for the changan qiyuan model, recently helping the changan qiyuan digital intelligent electric drive to win the title of  "china's heart" 2023 ten best engines & hybrid system.

as the world's first 10 layer hairpin flat wire oil-cooling motor technology for phev, the number of layers of the flat wire motor is the number of copper wires inserted in the stator slots. when there are more layers, the surface area of wire will be larger, and the skin effect will be lower, thus improving the efficiency of the motor. as a result, the market continuously pursues technological progress and gradually introduces flat wire motors with 2, 4, 6, and 8 layers. the increase in the number of motor layers means a significant improvement in the core technical capabilities of production. any slight deviation in any production process can affect the overall product ok rate. accurate welding of 360 welding points on the motor with a spot spacing less than 2mm is a great test of the overall technical capabilities of the production line equipment supplier.

haosen pre-welding visual guide system

haosen overcame numerous challenges and worked in parallel with technological r&d, adopting a method of prototyping and verifying at the same time. with rigorous process verification, scientific process arrangement, and thorough project operation management, it was the first to achieve mass production of domestic 72-slot 10-layer flat wire motor stator, and ultimately received unanimous appreciation from shunqu power and changan auto.

in the field of flat wire motors, haosen's business scope includes flat wire motor stator & rotor prototyping and trial production, as well as the complete solution of automated mass production lines, including core process solutions of wire forming, automatic wire insertion, widening, twisting, welding, trickling and coating. at the same time, haosen provides motor and e-drive final assembly lines, as well as eol testing bench services.

haosen's products not only cover the production equipment of multi-layer flat wire motors, but also have successfully achieved the production of x-pin stators in terms of wingding form. for each core production process of flat wire stators, haosen has a dedicated r&d team constantly researching and upgrading, which has accumulated significant advantages for haosen in the field of motor production:

high automation rate - haosen is capable of providing stator mass production lines with an automation rate of over 95%. automation has been achieved in stations such as wire insertion, welding tooling disassembly & assembly.

high flexibility - haosen currently has achieved mixed production of up to 7 product models which can be improved sustainably, meeting the needs of customers for mixed production of multiple models.

standardized, serial and platform design can shorten the lead time, improve production stability, and provide greater possibilities and convenience for production line maintenance, ramp-up and renovation.


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