haosen intelligent invites you to meet at cemat asia 2023-pg电子旗舰站

haosen intelligent invites you to meet at cemat asia 2023-pg电子旗舰站

time: 24-27 october

add.: shanghai new international expo centre

booth:hall w3 k2-4

intelligent logistics empowers high-end manufacturing. from october 24th to 27th, the cemat asia 2023 will be grandly opened at the shanghai new international expo centre.

the cemat asia is a leading exhibition in the asia pacific region for warehousing logistics technology and high-end equipment manufacturing. the exhibition focuses on the theme of "high-end manufacturing, logistics first" and is divided into multiple sections, including system integration and solutions, agv and logistics robots, forklifts and accessories, and transportation and sorting. more than 800 high-quality enterprises in the industrial chain, authoritative experts at home and abroad, associations, universities, institutions, media, etc. will attend the grand event to discuss the development opportunities together.

haosen intelligent is a subsidiary of haosen, specializing in the field of intelligent warehousing and logistics. as a professional supplier of automated warehousing and logistics system integration, haosen intelligent will comprehensively showcase its technical achievements in the planning of automated warehousing system solutions and the integration of automated warehousing equipment systems.

intelligent sorting: the intelligent sorting system can replace manual work, allowing items to be automatically sorted according to the path. it can continuously and in large batches sort goods with extremely low error rates and has been widely used in various industries such as automobiles, e-commerce, and pharmaceuticals.

intelligent conveying: intelligent conveying equipment delivers materials to designated locations through a computer control system, which is easy to install, flexible in direction, flexible in telescoping, and reliable in operation.

intelligent storage: using aisle-stacker to shuttle in the aisles of high-rise shelves, achieving the storage/retrieva1 of goods at the entrance of the aisle.

logistics transportation: using automated transportation equipment to automatically grab and transport materials, the equipment occupies a small area and has a high degree of flexibility.

informatization services: for different work scenarios, haosen intelligent has developed various warehousing and logistics software systems to collect, store, and analyze factory warehousing and logistics data uniformly, making the data traceable and monitorable, and assisting customers in decision-making and management.

the digitization, industrial automation, and intelligence of factories have become important symbols of intelligent manufacturing, and intelligent warehousing and logistics, as important components of intelligent manufacturing, are even more indispensable. haosen intelligent is looking forward to meeting with its industry chain partners at booth k2-4 of hall w3 to jointly explore the technology applications and new opportunities in the industry!


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