improvement in all aspects and real changes-pg电子旗舰站

improvement in all aspects and real changes-pg电子旗舰站

machining worker  yuan xiqing

i joined haosen as soon as i graduated from school in the summer of 2018, and became a machining apprentice. unlike what i expected, as soon as i set foot in the workshop, i realized how much work it would take to be a qualified operator. what i learned from school didn’t even come close to addressing all the problems in the field, i needed to learn so much more. textbook knowledge only covers so much, i would be lost if i were planning to rely only on that small amount of knowledge and zero hands-on experience in my actual work. fortunately, the company had already prepared exactly what i needed, a complete and systematic pre-job training system. 


not only did the training enhance my theoretical knowledge, but it also came with a full course of hands-on training. there was even one-on-one mentorship. i’ve made so much progress that i went from a rookie not knowing where to start with to a real machining worker capable of processing regular work.


only by standing on the shoulders of a giant, can you see further and achieve greater things. we still have openings, would you like to join us?



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