fire facility operator-pg电子旗舰站

fire facility operator-pg电子旗舰站

  • recruitmenttype:regular employee
  • location:dalian
  • post categories:management
  • department:
  • required degree:
  • major in:

post requirements:

1. secondary professional school graduates or above(bachelor degree or above is required for fresh graduates);

2.familiar with safety engineering and fire control room management work contents;

3. able to operate fire-fighting infrastructures and equipment, having fire-fighting safe management experiences is preferred.

post responsibilities:

1. stay on duty at the fire control center, get familiar with the monitoring work tasks at the fire control room, and fill up the records;

2. get familiar with the fire control center equipment, able to correctly operate the equipment and able to provide remote cooperation in case of emergency;

3. able to properly deal with alarm signals;

4. familiar with the fire-fighting facilities and equipment and regularly patrol the site; 

5. assist maintenance staff to regularly maintain on the firefighting equipment;

6. setting up and maintain on the firefighting archives in the fire-monitoring room.

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