machining worker-pg电子旗舰站

machining worker-pg电子旗舰站

  • recruitmenttype:regular employee
  • location:dalian
  • post categories:technical
  • department:
  • required degree:
  • major in:

post requirements:

1.technical school graduates or above, major in mechanical related subjects;

2. grasping operation knowledge of related machine tools and capable of operating related machine tools;

3. able to perform parts machining work utilizing knowledge of cutting tools, magazines and gauges, then carry out self-test;

4. having 2 years experiences working on single pieces and small batches production;

5. having rigorous working attitude, able to learn, good at action review and willing to share experiences;

6. comfortable with shift operations.

post responsibilities:

1. responsible for preparation before part processing and accomplish the work tasks of part processing;

2. responsible for part self-checking, handling part quality issues and hand-in for inspection; 

3. responsible for implementing cost-saving strategy concepts for the tooling/energy-saving items/low-value consumption goods;

4. responsible for accomplishing 6s management tasks;

5. responsible for accomplishing machine tool maintenance tasks.

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