project quality engineer-pg电子旗舰站

project quality engineer-pg电子旗舰站

  • recruitmenttype:regular employee
  • location:dalian
  • post categories:powertrain assembly lines
  • department:
  • required degree:undergraduate
  • major in:mechanical or control related majors

post requirements:

1. good language expression, organization and coordination skills; 

2. strong sense of responsibility and good learning ability; 

3. calm, self-disciplined, have a good sense of teamwork, have a certain degree of organizing ability;

post responsibilities:

1. responsible for organizing the quality verification of the assembly line, responsible for understanding customer technical specifications and comparison with internal acceptance quality specifications. 

2. responsible for organizing the review on deliverables  at the key nodes of the project from the starting phase to the pre-delivery phase of the project, and export the review results and list of open points and follow up the solution of quality issues. 

3. responsible for the output of the internal acceptance check list for specific customers of the project, and formulate / revise inspection standards. 

4. responsible for the project implementation quality issues summary and action review on the project quality.

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